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Last blog post on this site!

Hi gang,

Just wanted anyone poking around here to know…I’m shifting my blogging activities over to a Tumblr page, which will allow me to micro-blog in a more “Facebook updatey” way. Hopefully, that will make it a much more active place. You can access it and get all the newest info about my writing and my books by hitting the News page on my website: You can also subscribe directly from the Tumblr page, once you land there.


It’s a Book!

In support of (print) books and indie bookstores, a group of authors gathered together in New Orleans earlier this fall to make a video where they all read aloud from Lane Smith’s It’s a Book. The project was devised by the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) and once it was confirmed that Lane Smith and the book’s publisher Macmillan supported the project, the taping began.  Authors graciously (and often gleefully)  stepped into a makeshift studio to read their lines with little notion of what the final outcome would look like, but nevertheless believing in the good cause the project was designed to highlight: the benefit of print books and indie bookstores.

Here’s the result! Bottom line…nothing can ever replace the printed book! Long live the book!

Congratulations Patricia Ballard!


Announcing the winner of the “I’ll Be Your School’s Best Friend!” Contest!


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Thanks to the tons of people who entered the “I’ll Be Your School’s Best Friend!” Contest!

Stay posted to Facebook for upcoming contests, news, and events, including a possible fall contest where you and your students can compete to create the official book trailer for Aaron’s next book! More details coming soon!

Announcing The “I’ll Be Your School’s Best Friend!” Contest!

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Creepy Carrots gets the Caldecott Honor!

In a thrilling and unexpected surprise, Creepy Carrots has been awarded the Caldecott Honor for Peter Brown’s magnificent illustrations.


This award, which is like the Oscars for children’s books, is awarded each year for outstanding illustration in a children’s book. I remember reading books as a kid with this little silver medal on them, but never dreamed that one day, one of MY books might have it emblazoned across the front.

Peter tells a delightful story on his blog about the morning he got the call. Check it out here.

Very exciting news!!!! Thanks to all who have made this book a success, to teachers and librarians who continue to put this book into kids’ hands, to parents who believe in buying books for kids in the e-crazy world, to the incredible Peter Brown for gracing my goofy little story with his award-winning artwork, and to the Caldecott Committee for recognizing funny quirky books and not just serious mushy ones!

Creepy Carrots hits New York Times Bestseller List!

Great news this week! I just found out that my newest book, Creepy Carrots! (illustrated by the brilliant Peter Brown) has just debuted on the New York Times Bestseller List at number 7!

Creepy Carrots! is out and available!

The wait is over! Creepy Carrots! are out!

RUN!!! – don’t walk – to your nearest bookseller!



Already, Creepy Carrots! is collecting some nice buzz:

“…a spot-on parody of a paranoid thriller,” – Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Delicious suspense…” – Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Hilarious!” – School Library Journal

But these carrots won’t be satisfied until they HAVE…IT…ALL!!!

(What can I say? They’re creepy carrots.)