Great School Visit in Springfield, IL!

Hey gang! Author visit season is in full swing and I’ve had the joy of spending my unseasonably warm spring with tons of awesome kids at elementary schools around the country. Here’s a great article about my visit this week to Ball Charter School in Springfield, IL.




2 responses to “Great School Visit in Springfield, IL!

  • Pamela Plank Burla

    The kids in CC are excited for their visit Tuesday! My little guy came down with Scarlet Fever so he won’t be there. He has been upset over it since he found out. He keeps begging to go anyway. He loves Buffalo Wings and Chicks and Salsa. Just wanted to let you know you have another fan out there who was excited to be meeting you. Hopefully he gets another chance sometime. Mommy started reading up on you and sees a book she needs to get too! Keep up the good work!

  • Aaron Reynolds

    Thanks Pamela! I’m so sorry to hear about your son being sick! We had a great author visit day today at the Coal City ECC, and I’m so sorry your guy couldn’t be there! 😦

    Thanks so much for the kind note of encouragement.

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