Joey Fly Art Contest WINNERS!

Hey gang!

I’m thrilled to announce the winners of our Joey Fly Art Contest! This contest made for some really tough judging…we received hundreds of fabulous art creations and my office was literally infested with all your creepy crawly renditions of Joey, Sammy, Harry, and all their buggy ilk. The other judges (my kids) and I hemmed and hawed forever, but finally had to narrow down the winners. In the end, we had to add an additional winner to the five we planned on, just because we couldn’t decide.

Thanks a million for all your awesome entries!

So…enough of the dramatic build-up. Here, in no particular order, are the six winners to the Joey Fly Art Contest!

Christine Turner - Age 40

We loved Christine’s cool take on the main bug himself, Joey Fly.

Alex Morales - Age 10

Alex knocked our socks off with his fun and funky version of Sammy Stingtail!

Muhammed Jamsheed - 1st grade

We loved Muhammed’s fantastic in-your-face take on the classic Joey Fly. It was imaginative and awesome in all the right ways!

Diana Wegner - Age 8

Diana’s colorful rendition of Delilah and Flittany tra-la-la-ing along the coast on a sun-shiny day can be described in one word. To quote my daughter: “Joyful!”

Samantha Hanley - Age 9

Samantha was singing the blues with her moody noir take on Joey Fly, but the results delighted us completely!

Jack Turner - 2nd grade

Jack cracked us up and left us screaming for seconds with his fun and funny spin on the munchy ladybug Gloria.

Each winner will receive a signed copy of Joey Fly, Private Eye #1 for themselves, a signed copy of Joey Fly Private Eye #2 for their school library, and a custom-drawn bug caricature of themselves, done by Neil Numberman himself! Congrats!

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest! You all did great!


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