New School Presentations!

This summer, in between writing way too little and cooking out way too much, I created some brand new author visit presentations to offer schools. With the launch of the new school year, I’ve performed them at several schools already, and the results have been way fun, entertaining for both me and kids, and even educational!

As always, all of my presentations are far from your standard lecture/Powerpoint fare. I work hard to create author visits that are hilarious, hands-on, and completely interactive. So, here’s a run-down on my newest presentations. And if you’re a teacher or librarian, get in touch for some first-hand fun!


Superhero School Smackdown!

Aaron’s newest picture book is the jumping-off point for a dynamic interactive hour of reading, superheroes, and (believe it or not)…math! Kids will see that even superheroes need to know how to overcome numbers as they divide and conquer their math fears…superhero style! Ideal for all elementary ages.




The Joey Fly Creepy Crawly Mystery!

2010 is the “Year of the Children’s Mystery Book” and this year, “Joey Fly, Private Eye” was nominated for the Edgar Allen Poe Mystery Award! In this fast-paced, hands-on presentation, students will sleuth alongside Aaron to solve a creepy crawly mystery before the hour is up. Along the way, they’ll discover all the elements that make great mystery books go bump in the night. Perfect for grades 4th-8th.


I’ll get some photos loaded of the presentation in action very soon. But let’s just say, costumes will be involved.



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