Joey Fly in LEGO

It finally happened. Not only has my work been immortalized in the written form of a book (a long-time dream of mine) but it has now been immortalized…in LEGO. I never dared to dream such a lofty achievement could come to pass, but I may be just as delighted by it as I was when my first book came out.

LEGO sculptor Dave Xandegar and his nine-year-old son Johnny were first exposed to my books through my Tiger Moth, Insect Ninja series. They honored me by creating a 3-foot LEGO Tiger Moth last year.

But they’ve outdone themselves in creating a new addition to their LEGO line-up, straight from the pages of Joey Fly, Private Eye. And the results…they bring a lump to my throat. And that’s not just my acid-reflux acting up.

Here’s LEGO Joey with creators Dave and Johnny Xandegar. LEGO Joey is made of over 1000 LEGOs and took Dave and Johnny 16 hours to complete. As you can see, he stands about 2 feet tall, in all his multi-legged glory. Dave and Johnny are well-known on the LEGO circuit…his 40-pound Buzz Aldrin creation enjoyed a 14-stop tour in 2009, including a six-week stint at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland as part of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Anniversary.

Looks like Joey will be spending his own time on the road. This year, he’ll be touring schools, libraries and museums all around the Chicago area and beyond, including the Madison Children’s Museum in Wisconsin and the Lyndfest Exhibit in Cleveland, OH.

Live in the Chicago area? Interested in getting LEGO Joey Fly to take a short residency at your library, school, bookstore or museum? Well then, Dave and Johnny would love to hear from you! They’re thrilled to bring their handiwork your way for the ooh and ahh enjoyment of kids everywhere. You can reach them to chat more about this at

I may never write a classic piece of literature like Moby Dick. I’ve come to peace with that. Then again…Melville never got a 40-pound LEGO whale created in his honor.

Eat THAT, Melville!


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